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We donate to our local Charity Partners Favored Programs

rhythm of hope in brazil

- Winaypaq, Cusco, Peru
- Art Conciente, Brazil
- Projeto Dida, Brazil
- Projeto Axe, Brazil
- Projeto Cultural, Brazil

These programs are all based in Cusco, Peru & Salvador da Bahia, Brazil and are vital to the life chances of the children and youth confronted by a constant struggle to survive.

Volunteer in Peru or Brazil

If you are traveling to Peru or Brazil and wish to spend time volunteering during your trip please contact Michael Eiseman at VIP Tour Group - mike@viptourgroup.com

"Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of everyone, and let your hand give in proportion to your purse".
- George Washington

"Winaypaq" in Quechua means; "to grow" and / or "forever"

Winaypaq allows the descendants of Andean culture, the children, to reconnect with their roots thus ensuring the continuation of this ancient and potheyrful tradition from one generation to the next. They have been given all the tools they need to create a peaceful, harmonious relationship with one another and the whole planet. At Winaypaq they fuse ancient traditional ways with positive technological advances to forge a new path forward to a sustainable, peaceful future.

Multicultural education in rooted in the celebration of diversity and the creation of harmonious relationships between peoples of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This is of particular importance for the children of the Andean region as they face the challenge of finding their own cultural identity among the current consumer based model. With a thorough understanding of their own cultural heritage the children can make empowered life choices creating a fusion between the best of both worlds. At Winaypag children learn to use solar cookers to cook their food, a perfect example of fusing modern inventions and traditional ways. It is this harmonious balance that they try to achieve at Winaypaq.

"Cultural identity begins with language. In Peru the indigenous languages are under threat of vanishing".
- Michael Eiseman, VIP Tour Group, Founder

Winaypaq - Educational Association
The HERITAGE of NATIVE PEOPLE, honor and protect our diversity

Winaypaq NGO

We launched our "Cares Program" to reciprocate with the communities that share their beauty and culture with our clients.

We currently support the Cuzco, Peru based Winaypaq - Educational Association.

Winaypaq is a nonprofit association dedicated to the preservation and reintegration of traditional Andean teachings and ecological practices. Through the creation and promotion of dignified, sustainable life models, Winaypaq celebrates and preserves the cultural and bio diversity of the Andean region keeping their traditional ways alive for future generations. They currently provide quality, free, elementary primary and secondary education for 80 Quechua children and Mestizo peasants from different communities. Right now their main project is Winaypaq intercultural school. Perú is a multicultural and multilingual country. Each culture contains a strong legacy of human values, knowledge and wisdom, which have been passed down unbroken from generation to generation, since time immemorial. With the current rush towards globalization wiping out everything that does not fit within its limited parameters, they are losing both our bio and cultural diversity at an alarming rate. Each civilization contains a unique store house of knowledge gathered from thousands of years of experience that once destroyed can never be reclaimed. This is an irreparable loss not only for the peoples of these vanishing cultures but for humanity as a whole. With the disappearance of each unique body of knowledge, specific skills, values and wisdom are lost. Teachings that are essential for a sustainable, harmonious future for all of humanity are vanishing.


Our Mission


We encourage and enable our clients who want to "leave a footprint" to also support the projects we have undertaken in cooperation with the local communities. We can arrange a visit during your stay in Cusco and Sacred Valley so you can visit this educational NGO. Any donation on site is greatly appreciated. We can also arrange a "Voluntouring" day if you wish to spend the entire day or two at the school. You can share your English language skills, help them Farm, or make their local cultural art and or activities with the staff. Volun-tour-ing, a new word which combines touring and volunteering!

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