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Cultural Journeys


Immerse all five senses into Brazils vibrant cultural history; From the Afro history of the north, the Barogue gold road in Minas, to the German influence in the South, Brazil boasts fabulous Unesco sites.

Make Salvador and the Colonial towns of Minas an addition to your Journey.

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Guatemala Markets, Mountains & Mores

On VIP’s new Guatemala Markets, Mountains and Mores Tour, you’ll shop for unique treasures at some of the most authentic indigenous markets (including Chichicastenango and many more), stroll along scenic mountain passes and discover traditional customs and cultures on a wide variety of excursions designed to fully immerse you in the art, food and daily life of the Guatemalan people. You’ll begin this 14-day tour in the charming city of Antigua before heading to the mystical Highland region to vi
Guatemala Maya Magic

Step into the Maya mystery and magic of one of Central America’s most diverse destinations and enjoy some of the most opulent hotels, villas and lodges in country on VIP’s 8-day Guatemala Maya Magic Tour. From the bustling streets of Guatemala City and unhurried pace of the Colonial jewel that is Antigua, to Lake Atitlan and the Highlands, you’ll discover an untamed yet wildly civilized country teeming with cultural and archeological wonders, misty mountain markets and more than a few UNESCO Wor
Expedition Belize Jungle Explorer

If Central American jungle adventures, ancient archeological ruins and upscale accommodations sound like an exciting once-in-a-lifetime journey, VIP’s new Expedition Belize Jungle Explorer Tour will have you getting up close to a vast untamed wilderness and its native flora and fauna. You’ll explore the Cayo District and all its wonders, including Caracol, Xunantunich, San Antonio Maya village, the botanical gardens and your choice of either ATM Cave or a Mennonite village— all from your Mounta
Panama Nature and Culture

During our 12-day Panama Nature and Culture Tour, you’ll be astonished by the sheer volume of natural and manmade wonders packed into such a small, yet vibrant, country. First, you’ll explore the nature and culture of the mainland, as you visit Panama City, Colon, the Azuero Peninsula and Chiriqui. Then, prepare for a bit of sun and sand in the islands of Bocas del Toro. Along the way, keep a tally and snap some pics of all Panama’s Wonders, including the Canal and the Miraflores Locks, the Old
Uruguay Food & Wine

Sip and taste your way through the very best Uruguay has to offer on our 10-day Uruguay Food and Wine Tour. Foodies and wine aficionados will treasure the chance to explore a variety of the country’s locally-produced fare against a backdrop of charming Colonial towns, bustling metropolises, rugged estancias and chic seaside resort towns. Learn how immigrants first introduced wine and cheese to Uruguay hundreds of years ago, and how this rich history has evolved into a culture of vineyards, artis
Belize Beach & Jungle Adventure

You’ll be amazed at the biodiversity of this tiny Central American country, as you explore the jungles and beaches of Belize on VIP’s new Expedition Belize Tour. You’ll experience the rugged jungles of the emerging destinations of Orange Walk and Toledo, where only the most indomitable travelers historically have dared go, and you’ll unwind beachfront on the bucolic white sand beaches of Placencia and the South Coast. From jungle trekking and river cruising, to island shore snorkeling and chilli
Panama Honeymoon Hideaway

If you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon that will make all your friends jealous, look no further than our 11-day Panama Honeymoon Hideaway Tour. Often overlooked as an amazing honeymoon destination, Panama is a small country that packs a big punch. From the history and luxury accommodations of Panama City (and, of course, the Canal), to the awe-inspiring Highland region of Chiriqui and its quaint village of Bouquet, Panama will have you connect to each other and the rich culture of the countr
Bike Across the Andes

This is a 15-night trip including Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. It’s not just a uniquely designed itinerary that takes you to amazing places. It’s much more then that… It’s the chance to “experience adrenaline” and fell, with every step, that we’re in the “end of the world”. We offer a journey in motorcycle and 4x4 trucks though salt flats, lakes and impenetrable roads. The trip begins in Quebrada de Humuaca, declared a World Natural Heritage site by UNESCO. Its continues in the small town of
Luxurious Adventure - Argentina

Stay at the most exclusive properties in Argentina. Explore one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls, the vantage points from both the Argentina and Brazil side offers spectacular photos. Then we discover the cultural melting pot of Buenos Aires; its tango, French influences and amazing
Ultimate Argentina

We start our journey in Buenos Aires, strongly influenced by European culture, it is sometimes referred to as the "Paris of South America". Buenos Aires is also a place for city tours for keen walkers: from the historic Plaza de Mayo dominated by the salmon-coloured Government House (Casa Rosada) where Eva Peron gave her famous speech to the late night Tango lessons, you will immerse yourself in the fabulous culture of the Porteños. Next we the visit  
Amazing Brazil Adventure

Our most comprehensive Brazil tour is designed especially for families looking to immerse themselves in the best Brazil have to offer in regards to beaches, culture and eco experiences. You begin in Rio de Janeiro to experience the Christ statue, sugarloaf mountain and the lifestyle of the beach-going carioca. Next, we explore the baroque influences and colonial towns along Brazils Gold Road, then of
Brazil Tour of the Senses

A Tour that will stimulate all 5 senses. Explore Rio and Salvador through there rich religious, artistic, musical, culinary, and socio-cultural heritage that blossomed in these former capital cities. This tour covers the best Brazil has to offer in regards to culture, yet allows you to enjoy the local beauty and immerse into the food and people of each area while staying in unique hotels. The contras
Chile Highlights

We begin our adventure exploring the history and culture of the cosmopolitan city of Santiago . Explore Chile's fine wines at two of the vineyards near Santiago in The Colchagua Valley. Continue your tour to Puerto Montt, gateway to the scenic Lake District. Visit the main points of interest in Puerto Montt including Angelmo's fish market, colorful handicraft market, then a short trip to  
Salvador & Txai Honeymoon

The African influence can be felt by all five senses. Learn traditional rhythms, dance, religion and cuisine. The Convento do Carmo and the Txai Resort is splended! Anyone visiting Salvador will immediately discover why the state is called "the land of happiness". Fringed by beaches, vast coconut plantations, majestic mountain ranges, Salvadors local exuberance is expressed in an unbelievably rich fol
Amazon Spa Cruise with Shaman

Enjoy this unique exclusive Amazon Spa Cruise with Master Shaman and extraordinary detox and wellness program on the Peruvian Amazon River aboard the Delfin II. The mysticism of the jungle is no secret. With numerous myths and legends surrounding South America’s gorgeous woodlands, the Amazon’s exotic wildlife makes this journey enticing.

The Peruvian Amazon Wellness Cruise is an opportunity to learn, relax, and immerse yourself in the distinctive Peruvian culture. Lima Tours provides it
Galapagos and Peru in Style

An enthralling combination of stunning archeological ruins and ancient culture with one of the world's best nature experiences, our Peru and Galapagos Islands tour takes you on a unique historical journey. You will explore Peru’s culinary center Lima, the villages throughout the Sacred Valley, the awe-inspiring lost city of the Incas Machu Picchu, the colonial treasures of Cusco and last but
Pearls of Colombia

Anyone who has ever seen the film Romancing the Stone, knows Colombia is a country rich in culture, immersed in magic and utterly alluring. On our 9-Day Pearls of Colombia Tour, you’ll experience its very best highlights, including Bogota, the coffee region, Cartagena and the Rosario Islands, as you sightsee through not one, not two, but THREE UNESCO sites in one beautiful country. Start in the capital city of Bogota, where you’ll have the chance to choose a private full-day tour tailored
Peru - A Culinary Odyssey

VIP Journeys takes you “full spoon ahead” into Peruvian cuisine, known not only for its exquisite taste, but also for its variety and ability to incorporate the influence from different times and cultures. Inca and Spanish cultures come together in Peru to heighten our five senses. Visiting the archaeological sites, historical monuments, and wonderful indigenous people will enlighten you. But something out of the ordinary that Peru has to offer is its magnificent food. Once relatively off
Cartagena Quickie Getaway

With a flight time of only about three hours from Miami and daily international flights arriving from around the United States into Cartagena’s Rafael Nuñez International Airport, it’s never been easier to take a long weekend getaway to somewhere quite so mythical and magical! On our five-day Cartagena Quickie Getaway, you can fly out after work on a Wednesday and be back in time to get a good night’s sleep in your own bed before work Monday morning (we can also shorten the trip if necessary). E
Discovering the Northwest

Traveling to the Argentine North opens the door to a territory of different shapes and contrasts. This is, without a doubt, the area with the most “historical” and “traditional” life, a place where Pre-Columbian civilizations co-exist with a colonial past, and a present with strong folkloric roots. Throughout our trip, we visit the most relevant spots of the Quebrada de Humahuaca and the Calchaquíes Valleys.. It starts in San Salvador de Jujut and end's in  
Ultimate Wine Escape

Three countries, three wine regions, 14 days, our multi-country Ultimate Wine Escape Tour should be on every wine lover’s bucket list. You’ll sip and swirl your way through Argentina, Uruguay and Chile during this two-week wine extravaganza, staying at some of the most renowned properties in the world along the way. It is often said you must know a wine’s history and who is behind the bottle before fully appreciating a good wine and recognizing its value. On this tour, you’ll appreciate an authe
Ruins & Romance Honeymoon

Peru offers honeymooners unique journeys to beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultures and well-preserved vestiges from ancient civilizations. Most honeymooners don’t consider Peru a beach destination, but the little known beach town of Mancora delivers that special beach component to complete that perfect honeymoon. Peru’s top attraction is the awe-inspiring lost city of the Incas,
Guatemala and Belize Maya Circle

Why choose jungle or beach when you can have the best of both worlds on our new Guatemala and Belize Maya Circle Tour! On this 14-day tour, you’ll enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure across the Mayan heartland, as you travel from the Colonial beauty of Antigua into the misty Guatemala Highlands and alluring Lake Atitlan. Along the way, you’ll experience some of the most renowned markets (such as Chichicastenango), famous cultural institutions (including Compala) and iconic archeological sites t
Boutique Brazil

A lovely combination of culture and tranquility, Brazil has it all. Hear the music, feel the beat, and immerse yourself in this distinct, celebratory community. Boutique Brazil takes you on a fruitful journey through Brazil’s cultural centers. A revelation of hidden gems, and an emphasis on exclusivity, this elegant tour symbolizes supreme authenticity. Appreciate the history, explore the area, and enjoy the profound sense of unity and adoration in some of the country’s most desirable destinati
Volcanoes & Galapagos Safari

This extraordinary 13 day tour of the senses through Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands begins in Quito, and then heads south exploring the Avenue of the Volcanoes. Explore the Andean History and culture at every stop, visiting the quaint villages of Cotopaxi, Baños,  
Amazon Lodge & Ave of Volcanoes

This journey through Ecuador’s Highlands and Amazon Jungle will allow you to enjoy the very best culture, history, flora and fauna that Ecuador has to offer. You will start in the Andean highlands along the Avenue of the Volcanos visiting quant villages of Cotopaxi, Baños,  
Costa Rica & Panama Discovery

There is no better way to spend a couple of weeks than touring two of Central America’s most alluring and exciting destinations. On our 14-day Panama and Costa Rica Discovery Tour, you’ll begin in Panama City, where you’ll experience the magnificent Canal, native culture and the pristine San Blas Islands, before heading north to the province of Chiriqui. This Highland area is home to Volcan Baru and mystical cloud forests. Then, head north to the border crossing at Pano Canoas, where you’ll ente
Costa Rica Rainforest Romance

Widely recognized as the world’s foremost ecotourism destination, Costa Rica is a compact but gorgeous country boasting a striking landscape filled with natural marvels and diverse ecosystems. During our 10-day Costa Rica Rainforest Romance tour you’ll explore the Central Valley’s Poas Volcano region, get up-close to nature at one of the world’s finest eco-resorts in Siquirres and the Pacuare Protected Zone, embark on a journey of biodiversity in La Fortuna at one of the country’s most iconic la
Argentina Wines and Archaeology

This is a special interest tour which combines 2 rich cultural discoveries. Wines and Ancient civilizations through light archaeology tours. No digging experience necessary here, we will appreciate the history and enjoy good wines along the way. We Journey from Buenos Aires to Mendoza to explore the Malbec wine region and
Guatemala Coffee & Culture

With nearly year-round gorgeous weather and a diversity of landscapes and cultures that could boggle the mind, Guatemala packs quite a punch into its small size. You’ll be amazed at the sheer number of experiences you’ll be able to discover on VIP’s new Guatemala Coffee and Culture Tour (that even leaves room for a bit of adventure if you’re so inclined). From Colonial Antigua, to the misty Highland villages surrounding Lake Atitlan and beyond, you’ll explore ancient Maya traditions, bustling ma
Colombia & Panama Highlights

Situated directly next to one another on the bridge of Central America and top of South America, lie Colombia and Panama. They’re both bordered by the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, making the destinations some of the most sought after in Latin America. In each, visitors will find bustling cities, vibrant indigenous populations, intriguing culture and mesmerizing beaches. On our 14-day Colombia and Panama Tour, you’ll experience all the highlights of each magical country.

Anyone wh
From Jujuy to Atacama

This 10 day itinerary offers a journey of breathtaking natural beauty, though some of the richest cultural regions of Argentina and Chile, where Pre Columbian heritage merges with Inca and Spaniah colonial legacies. Explore Salta, Jujuy and the Quebrada de Humahuaca, declared World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Enjoy the hospitality of Hosteria Colome and taste the wines produced at the highest vineya
Foods and Wines of Argentina

Immerse yourself spoon first into our special foodie and wine lover itinerary of Argentina. This tour was designed to tantilize the pallate and explore the chefs and vineyards of Argentina's three most interesting cultural centers; Buenos Aires, Salta and Mendoza. We planned this culinary adventure throughout Argentina adding delighful storytelling and regional history through food that will entertain both your pallate and your soul. Our journey starts in sophistocated  
Volcanoes & Eclipse Galapagos Cruise

This journey begins through Ecuador’s Highlands along the Avenue of the Volcanoes. Explore the National park near Cotacachi, visiting quant villages and markets in Otavalo . Next, we enjoy the Hot Springs of Papallacta , whose thermal waters emerge from deep geological layers through fissures up to the surface. We then fly to the  
Essential Peru

Peru is one of the most enthralling countries in South America home to beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultures and well-preserved vestiges from ancient civilizations. Peru’s top attraction is the awe-inspiring lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu perched high in the Andes in a mist-shrouded cloud forest. You will explore the colonial treasures of  
Lake Titicaca, Puno

This perfect add-on to any Peru tour explores this rich cultural and folkloric center and famous Lake Titicaca. We travel to the southern Andes of Peru, where the world's highest navigable lake (Titicaca, at 4,000 metres above sea level) and an infinite number of archaeological and historical remains, as well as living traditions are to be found. The lake is as source of life: ancestral communities live on its islands, and welcome visitors to stay in their homes. This is... the land that is l
Belize and Guatemala Mayan Circle tour

Why choose beach or jungle when you can enjoy the best of both worlds on our new Belize and Guatemala Mayan Circle Tour! On this 14-day adventure, you’ll take a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the Maya heartland, as you make your way from the Colonial beauty of Antigua into the rich Guatemalan Highlands and enchanting Lake Atitlan. Along the way, you’ll stop at some of the most famous markets (such as Chichicastenango), iconic cultural institutions (including Compala) and archeological sites

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