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Salta & Jujuy



Traveling to Argentina's North is a voyage to a land of shades and deep contrasts.

It is, no doubt, the region with more "historical" and "traditional" life, a place where pre-Columbian civilizations converge with a colonial past and a strongly-rooted folkloric present.

Jujuy, with its wild nature, its villages held in time - such as Purmamarca, Tilcara and Iruya, among other - the mysticism of Coyan customs, the Salinas Grandes (Great Salt Pans) and Quebrada de Humahuaca (Humahuaca Gorge), one of the region's most mysterious places, a desert that rises to the clouds through uneven colorful mountains.

Salta, with the charm of its colonial city and Valles Calchaquíes (Calchaquí Valleys). Tucumán, with its strong, captivating contrasts and Tafí del Valle's jungle. Catamarca, an unexplored paradise for adventure activities. All of them are marvelous places awaiting discovery.
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  Suggested Itineraries
Salta Offroad Adventure

Traveling to the Argentina North is a sure ticket to a territory filled with light shades and strong contrasts. This is without a doubt, the area of the most “historical” and Traditional” life, a place where Pre-Columbian civilizations co-exist with a colonial past, and a present with strong folkloric roots. Throughout the trip, we visit the most...
Discovering the Northwest

Traveling to the Argentine North opens the door to a territory of different shapes and contrasts. This is, without a doubt, the area with the most “historical” and “traditional” life, a place where Pre-Columbian civilizations co-exist with a colonial past, and a present with strong folkloric roots. Throughout our trip, we visit the most relevant s...
Argentina Wines and Archaeology

This is a special interest tour which combines 2 rich cultural discoveries. Wines and Ancient civilizations through light archaeology tours. No digging experience necessary here, we will appreciate the history and enjoy good wines along the way. We Journey from
From Jujuy to Atacama

This 10 day itinerary offers a journey of breathtaking natural beauty, though some of the richest cultural regions of Argentina and Chile, where Pre Columbian heritage merges with Inca and Spaniah colonial legacies. Explore
Salta, Jujuy and the Quebrad...
Foods and Wines of Argentina

Immerse yourself spoon first into our special foodie and wine lover itinerary of Argentina. This tour was designed to tantilize the pallate and explore the chefs and vineyards of Argentina's three most interesting cultural centers; Buenos Aires, Salta and Mendoza. We planned this culinary adventure throughout Argentina adding delighful storytelling...
Bike Across the Andes

This is a 15-night trip including Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. It’s not just a uniquely designed itinerary that takes you to amazing places. It’s much more then that… It’s the chance to “experience adrenaline” and fell, with every step, that we’re in the “end of the world”. We offer a journey in motorcycle and 4x4 trucks though salt flats, lakes ...
  Suggested Properties

Alejandro I

Alejandro I Hotel is specially conceived for those who expect the attention, comfort and the refined ambience that only ...

Estancia Colome

Colomé is one of the most exclusive hotels in Argentina thanks to its dramatic and isolated location, stunning environme...

House of Jasmines

Formally the private estate of actor Robert Duvall, House of Jasmines is the perfect place for your own relaxing escape;...

Patios de Cafayate

Rich in culture, white wines and tradition, Patios de Cafayate Hotel & Spa embraces its spectacular views of the hills a...

Sheraton Salta

Catch up with family, friends, and colleagues at the Sheraton Salta Hotel, just a few blocks from the bustling downtown ...


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