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Machu Picchu



The ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is one of the worlds most spiritual sites and quite possibly the greatest archelogical discovery to the western world.

Hiram Bingham he had done what the conquistadors missed, he found in 1911: an Inca city on a Peruvian peak called Machu Picchu. Already partly cleared by farmers, the ruins were further revealed by Yale professor in subsequent expeditions cosponsored by the National Geographic Society.

The citadel offers one of the world's finest examples of architectural landscape. Machu Picchu (“Old Mountain” in Quechua) is nestled on top of a mountain saddle high above the Urubamba River in the middle of the cloud forest. It was a center of worship and an astronomic observatory as well as the private retreat of the royal family. It is split up into two major areas: the agricultural zone, made up of terracing and food stores; and the urban zone, featuring the sacred sector, with temples, squares and royal tombs which have been carved to an extraordinary degree of perfection. Also throughout this unique archaeological site we find stone staircases and canals. Over the citadel looms Huayna Picchu ("young mountain" in Quechua), which can be climbed up a steep stone-paved trail.

We plan luxury tours of this region with our partner Orient Express, The luxury train named after Hiram Bingham is a special experience along with and the Sanctuary Hotel at the top of the world.
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