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Colombia + Panama Combo

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Situated at the northernmost tip of South America and bordered by both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Colombia is an enigmatic country known primarily as the literary birthplace of magical realism, a romantic backdrop for the movie industry and an exporter of high quality coffee.

But, Colombia is much more than what you’ve read in a book, seen on the big screen or sipped at the neighborhood cafe. It’s a diverse country on the mend, boasting all the Latin American appeal a traveler could ever want.

Colombia is a country of artistic treasures, rich culture and a uniquely diverse landscape for the tropics, making it a destination of truly pleasant surprises around every corner. Centered by the soaring Andes mountain range, Colombia features a wildly varied topography, including everything from perpetual snow and deserts, to sweeping plains and tropical rain forests. Its cities are some of the most historic and culturally rich in the Americas, and there are a number of UNESCO designated locales here.

Colombia’s friendly capital city of Bogota is the country’s beating heart and the fastest growing major city in Latin America. Often referred to as “the Athens of South America,” it was founded in the 16th century and is renowned for its abundant libraries, universities and rich culture. It’s also a UNESCO World Book Capital nestled at 8,500 feet above sea level on the largest plateau in the Andes that happens to be home the first astronomical observatory in the Americas, a vibrant nightlife and culinary culture and that perfect blend of authenticity and luxury. Within the walled city of Cartegena, you’ll find history frozen in time on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and the gateway to stylish beach communities and the close-by islands of Rosario. This archipelago of 27 coral reef islands is only an hour from Cartegena but a world away. You’ll be hypnotized by the biologically diverse ecosystem, breathtaking natural landscapes and crystal clear waters of this island paradise. For those seeking a remote hideaway for nature lovers, beach bums and honeymooners, the virtually unknown San Bernardo Islands will feel like time stands still as you commune with nature and relax.

Back on the mainland, you won’t want to miss San Basilio de Palenque on a day trip. It’s a UNESCO Intangible Cultural World Heritage Site known to be the first free town in the Americas. This completely unique city illustrates ancient African customs, a creole lexicon and Kuagro social organization unlike any other in Colombia, making it a great destination for immersive cultural experiences. Travelers who are up for a bit of a journey should definitely make the trip to Santa Cruz de Mompox. A beguiling river-bound city that time forgot, Colonial Mompox is situated on an island in the Magdelena River. There is no nightlife here, but the tree-lined squares, Colonial-era mansions and gently rolling river make it easy to get away from it all and reconnect.

Get up close with Colombia, and see the magic for yourself.

Explore our suggested itineraries to Colombia with our destination specialists at (800) 772-9188 to customize your extraordinary journey to Colombia with our private guides in private cars.


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